Sobucky Custom Flavor Development

While our portfolio includes over 1000 fragrances and 600 food flavors, we are always open to design an experience to enhance the customer’s product, and taking them to the next level. With our bespoke flavours, developed specially to fit the chosen type of application, we are only limited by our client’s imagination. If you thinking of creating a new, niche or brought by popular demand product or flavour formula, let’s talk. It’s our priority to complete all OEM projects within 4 to 6 weeks from the initial query. This includes within the package, flavour formulation, sample testing, applications and customer’s feedback. Some more demanding projects can take up to 8 to 12 weeks, depending on their complexity but we never aim to take longer than the 12 week mark as we take into consideration the incredible speed of Market Evolution. With regular updates of the progress from the R&D team, it will allow our customers to prepare for launch just in time for when the product is nearly ready. We allow our customers complete transparency to track and view all stages as they are created to learn how to get the best out of Sobucky Super Aromas flavours.

The Idea

The area of New Product Development (NPD) is a challenging sector, and requires a complex and highly detailed process of bringing a new product to the market. All the way from initial design to the draft of the formula, testing, feedback and verification through to final improvements, manufacturing and successful launch, our team is actively involved and strongly dedicated in every step, making sure that the final product is customer’s dream come true.

Flavour Formulation

At this stage, our team develops a large number of flavour samples, seeking always to find best formula, that meets our customers specific requirements. We concentrate intensely on recipes that have a wide variety to provide the customer with multiple choices, but also to narrow the potentially winning samples and help ease the whole process as we know it can be difficult to pin just one. This is the time, when our customers become the most active within the development process by testing samples along with our specialist team. All final verified and chosen flavour samples are passed for trial applications in the customer’s replica product. At this stage, the chosen flavours can be improved in overall performance and the recipe adjusted with acute precision, to comply with the customers originally chosen specifications. Once the flavours are fully approved and the application is successful, we can suggest optimal dosage rates in final products. All this is to contribute towards optimisation of the best flavour appearance and customer experience.


When application trials are done, our customer will receive samples set to assist with them making the decision which flavours are the best for the new project. There is still time of course to finish any adjustments necessary for the recipe, improve the performance and make some tweaks to the final flavour profile. We always happily listen to customers feedback and apply changes along the way to maximise the products potential and ensure the customers greatest satisfaction.

The Final Flavour

One of the best parts of our work is the actual flavour production. If the flavour is approved by the customer, we meticulously follow the production process so that it ends with the most flavour delivery in bulk quantity. From the customer’s idea to manufacturing the final product, we make sure to treat it with the same love and care as though it’s our very own.

Customer Care

From the small handmade manufacturers and entrepreneurial start-ups, to grand scale multinational operations, Sobucky supplies all levels of capacities upon customer’s requests. With no job too great or too small as far as capacity goes, our MOQ starts at an amazingly low 100 ml / 100 g for all flavours we have on offer. We have moved away from setting the limits on orders, to allow customers to have access to the best quality flavours that we offer.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us to gain more information about our offers, Strategic Partnership possibilities, lead times for individual projects, Business Development or any other questions you might have regarding how we can work together to bring your projects and dreams to life. For much more information about Sobucky, our goals, development and future plans, please visit