Here you will find the finest in food flavourings, from the classics such as creamy and biscuit flavours, through basic fruits to exotic fruit flavourings as well as decadent desserts. With the ever growing possibilities of using flavours in foods in ways we never previously considered, you can find yourself having a Cactus and Mango Sorbet, adding Peanut Butter to boost the flavour of your morning Protein Shake, or even making an Irish Coffee Birthday cake, the limit ends only with your imagination.

All of our products here at Sobucky are GMP and HACCP accredited, to ensure that the best care and quality is taken to provide you with the World Quality items that we supply to all of our customers

Super aromas

Super Aromas Multipurpose Flavouring

In an increasingly wide sector with endless possibilities, we are given huge space to show what Super Aromas can do to bring the best flavour experiences to your palate. From healthy, sugar free snacks with enough to satisfy the sweetest of teeth, from candies to gums and jellies, with all manner of variety of flavours available, the sky is the limit with appealing to the senses

To go into detail, Super Aromas can be used at: 

★ Sugar confectionary – jellies, gums, marshmallows, candies

★ Chocolates – flavoured with sugar or sugar free

★ Candies, lollipops, fudges, caramels, fondants 

★ Syrups, shakes, slush with all variety of seasonal flavours


Bursting with flavour and juiciness, we created a solid base of fruit flavours to tickle all sorts of taste buds. 

★ Apples, Oranges, Lemons, Grapes

★ Tropical Fruits, Pineapples, Strawberries

★ Coconuts, Mangos, Bananas


Candy. Sweets. Confections. We all know it, we all love it and many of us go as far as craving it, so why not give in to temptation with our wide variety of flavours to cover all manner of sweet tooth? With so many ways to apply our flavours, we are sure you’ll be spoilt for choice!


Amazingly sweet and well balanced, sweet flavours will guarantee to enhance every finished product

★ Chocolates, Tiramisu, Irish Cream

★ Dulce de Leche, Toffee, Fudges, Brownies

★ Caramels, Butterscotch


A truly authentic selection of dairy flavours, significantly improving the experience to a point where you’ll feel as though you have just consumed it fresh!

★ Heavy Creams, Soft Creams, Butter

★ Cornish Cream, Butter Milk, Ice Creams

★ Cottage Cheese, Yogurts


Super Aromas fits seamlessly inside of the beverage sector given the growing range of sweet and fruity flavours and new flavour combinations frequently surfacing. The manufacturer’s main goal of reducing sugar intake, is our challenge to deliver great taste, a mouthfeel experience and the best real taste flavour possible.

Super Aromas in beverage sector:

★ Juice drinks – Still, Carbonated, Concentrate Boosters

★ Alcoholic – Vodkas, Cocktails, Whisky’s, Rums, Gins, Beers, Liquors, Ciders, Sparkling Wines & Non-Alcoholic Drinks

★ Soft drinks – Still, Carbonated, Caffeinated Energy Drinks, Cordials


With what seems like a new sector, the reality is we as a society have been slowly progressing for decades with more scientific knowledge surfacing to support cases, almost daily. We at Sobucky believe strongly in taking care of all consumer’s health which leads to careful selection of flavours used in mass production. The primary objective is to bring a wide variety of natural flavours whilst preserving all the natural notes to create each individual flavour, as well as complying with the low fat, sugar and calories statement, which are the key factors in the success of this side of industry.

Super Aromas in Nutrition sector:

★ Protein Bars, Protein Powders

★ Protein Based Snacks; Popcorns, Crisps etc

★ Protein Based Beverages, including but not limited to Milk and Hemp, as well as Dairy Based Products

Sobucky Custom Flavor Development

OEM projects available for Food Industry & More 

There’s lots more Sobucky can offer and deliver. If you thinking of creating a new, niche or brought by popular demand product or flavour formula, get in touch. There isn’t anything more exciting that working on new projects, meeting new business partners and create and deliver beyond expectations.