It’s here where you’ll find yourself within the realm of luxury quality scents ranging from fresh linen feels, to fruits so good they almost feel forbidden, and woods with such authenticity you’ll feel as though your home is an extension of the forest, and many more including designer fragrances for those who have a more acquired taste. With a wide range of applications for these scents on offer, and like all our other products these are GMP and HACCP accredited you have limitless potential with our Super Fragrances.

All of our products here at Sobucky are GMP and HACCP accredited, to ensure that the best care and quality is taken to provide you with the World Quality items that we supply to all of our customers

SUPER FRAGRANCES fragrance composition

Our brand has already set its place in categories such fine fragrances, personal care, home care, air fresheners and industrial fragrances. In most cases, ingredients are carefully selected based on the choice of the product and its suitability of application. This is why we place great emphasis on listening to customer’s needs and their target group, to fully fill their products with a carefully curated, and properly selected fragrance. Our base holds over 1000 fragrance variants from which customers can chose the most desired for their shampoo line, or cleaning products as an example to what we can use these for.


One of the most popular families as well as broadest, floral fragrances are one of the leading fragrance types in number of applications across numerous industries.

From light and delicate to complex and intense.

Magnoli, Freesia, Jasmin, Rose Violets, Lily, Peony, Orchid, Hibiscus, Gardenia  

Fruits, Citrus, Green, Fresh

Citrus and fruity notes bring lightness and sweetness to all compositions and have a wide variety of uses, like candles, reed diffusers, furniture polish, or even hand soap. Green can bring the freshness to all type of fabric softeners and air fresheners.

Fresh, fruity, light with green notes.

Bergamot,   Lemon,   Pineapple,  Lemongrass, Ocean Fresh Breeze, Fresh Cotton, Linen Cherry, Blossom Apples, Mandarin, Lavender, Amber


From warm, dry woods to rich compositions. Deep and strong experience with complex endings: discover forest, earthy and sawdust notes.

Catch the balance with the best base notes.

Patchouli, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Oud Pine Cypress, Oakmoss


Rich spices and balmy resins are the dominate parts of oriental family fragrances. Noticeable gourmand properties that lead to dense sweet, powdery and often sensual experience.

Discover popular notes that build every fragrance composition.

Myrrh, Caramel, Leather, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Amber, Chocolate, Orientals

Sobucky Custom Fragrance Development

 In addition to our standard offerings, we are always open to design an experience to enhance the customer’s product, taking them to the next level. From inspired notes from older ages or childhood, to fragrance narrowed by culture, affairs, science. The possibilities are endless, so do our client’s ideas. Let’s talk if you thinking to create something special for your own brand.

Custom OEM Projects For Fragrance Formulations.

There’s lots more Sobucky can offer and deliver. If you thinking of creating a new, niche or brought by popular demand product or flavour formula, get in touch. There isn’t anything more exciting that working on new projects, meeting new business partners and create and deliver beyond expectations.